Lovin Livin And Some Springtime Fun!

Have you noticed with the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer that there is a spring in your step and a lightness in your heart!? Some days you find you have more energy and decide to take on a spring project or perhaps have made a large list of all the things you want and need to get done?! Then suddenly it doesn’t feel fun and overwhelm creeps in to zap your joy!! Well, I have a sure cure for your spring fever dilemma.

Have some fun with whatever is going on in your life. Loosen up a bit. Enjoy life! We do not have to be so somber and serious. We do not have to be so reflective, so critical, so bound up within ourselves and the rigid parameters others, and often ourselves, have placed around us. I am not suggesting you ignore if you are going through a challenging time, or a loss or something significant that you would be needing to retreat and regroup. being silly

This is life! Have some fun with it! Enter into it. Participate. Experiment. Take a risk. Be spontaneous. Do not always be concerned about doing it right, doing the appropriate thing!

Do not always be so concerned about what others will think or say. What they think and say are their issues not ours. Do not be so afraid of making a mistake. Do not be so fearful and proper. Do not inhibit yourself so much.

We were given emotions, desires, hopes, dreams, feelings. There is an alive, excited, fun-loving child within us! Come out and play!  Be alive! Have some fun—not just for two hours on a Saturday evening. Enjoy this gift of being alive, being fully human, and being who we are!

So many rules. So much shame we’ve lived with. It simply isn’t necessary.  We have been brainwashed. It is time now to free ourselves, let ourselves go, and enter fully into life.

Don’t worry. We will learn our lessons along the way. What will happen is that we will begin enjoying life more and more! We will begin enjoying and experiencing our whole self.  We can trust ourselves. We have healthy boundaries. We have a foundation. We can afford to experiment and experience.  We are in touch with ourselves and our spirituality.  

Have some fun.  Loosen up a bit. Break a few rules. As long as we are here and alive, let’s live it fully!! 

Perhaps you’re reading this and thinking “easy for her to say” or “I don’t have time for this”  or whatever story you may be telling yourself ;o)  so here is an example of how I took a time-out and had some fun in my day, vs getting stuck in my story that I had to do the next thing on my list. (By the way I really do have some things that need to get done). I needed to go visit my mother at her care home.  Yes it was feeling like another thing I had to do in my already feeling full day. Some of the elderly ladies and staff that work there have been having fun putting splashes of coloured streaks in their hair. I had mentioned this to my mother and asked if she wanted to try something different.  She is blessed with a full head of beautiful white hair. She is usually game to try something different, however, this day she replied ” I like my hair white.”  Since this conversation I had come across a little can of wash out vibrant purple hair colour.  I had it with me that day and when I arrived I first saw a volunteer in the gift shop who is always ready to chat.  I told her what I had and she said “well let’s try it on you?” I replied “let’s try it on you?” Then a man that looked like he may be in management came around the corner, (he had very little hair) and the gift shop lady said, “hey, come here, we need to try this on you.”  He looked at what we had and said “hey I will be right back, I am on my way to a meeting”…………..next. Another staff lady came by and we stopped her, she had long black beautiful hair and she didn’t miss a beat, “sure go for it was her reply”.  So fun and we gave her a good spray and off she went with her new purple streaks.  We were having so much fun and off I went to see my mom.  She decided to let me try it and then I touched up her hair with a curling iron. It just happened to be Happy Hour at the residence so off we went pushing her in the wheel chair.  First person we met was the handsome young activities director. He made a huge fuss over mom’s hair. She lit up like a Christmas tree and as we went down the hall people kept commenting and her smile grew larger. I was amazed at how much fun we all had over this 99 cent can of hair colour. I have told the story many times and we all have giggles as I share the story.  There are so many opportunities in our day to be silly, let go, take a risk and have some laughs.

Below I have shared some thoughts for self reflection to get your fun factor going while you still get things done and realize you can have some fun.

Self Reflection:

  1. What fun thing can I do today?
  2. What risk can I take today?
  3. What can I experiment and explore today?
  4. When do I notice myself worrying about what other people think?
  5. How can I live more fully today?
I have discovered that the fun shows up when I can be spontaneous and go with what shows up in the moment.
I would love to hear some of your fun experiences and how you lighten your load into laughter.
With Joy and Love

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