About Ingrid

I am as curious as a cat… I love to question, enquire, explore, define and stretch my understanding of all that I can.  As I child I was always happiest with my nose in a book or my bottom on a bike.

I am the eternal optimist and I take a positive approach to every thought I can. This is not to say that I have not met my depths through heartache. I certainly have and in fact I treasure those meetings as well because it is there that I have been met with intense beauty and great understanding.

I am intrigued by life, life never fails to surprise me with tricks up her sleeve. I (almost;)) never claim to have the answers. As soon as I I do another perspective presents itself.  Like a cat and mouse game life keeps nudging me a little more each time, inevitably humbling me in the process. Life continues to challenge me with what if…and I love it!

IMG_1017I am excited and inspired by the work I do, I hesitate to call it work, as it’s really my passion. I see it as more of a meeting of minds and spirit and the clients that I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with have taught me as much as I them.

Working at The Lovin Livin Centre and with Geri Eakins (Gigi) (Lovin Livin Creatress) has been a sweet and savoury treat that life  has offered me. I’m honoured to coordinate bookings for a myriad event holders that grace the Lovin Livin Room. The Lovin Livin Room is a special place where magic happens, it has a special feel that boasts an energy of love and creativity. Once there you’ll know what I mean;)

I am so looking forward to more of everything.


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