Old Storyline? Turn a New Page!

It’s spring again, a new season and time to turn a new page. Turning a page, turning over a new leaf, starting fresh brings up so many great spring like feelings, like hope, anticipation and looking forward to not only something new but something better and healthier…a change. Spring time does have that feeling of […]

How To Thrive To 95!

Age is a relative thing. I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase and today there are more role models than ever to prove that phrase true. I believe I can be among those that claim that age defying act and yes age is a relative thing and in my case it literally is a relative that […]

Given Thanks A Given Thing

When something is “a given” it is an assumed thing. Definition: “an assumption that is taken for granted”. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has taken something for granted in life, whether it’s a spouse’s attention, the concern of a parent or dear friend or even a slobbery kiss from Man’s best friend […]

Help Line

  Recently I enjoyed reading a blog posted by my colleague Geri Eakins entitled Power Reboot. it was a delightful rendition of her foray into techy turbulence territory and her amusing encounter with a technician from India. I chuckled as I read her story and emphasized with her frustrations of feeling at loss with computer […]

Power Re-Boot

I recently wrote about having fun while getting things done……then I had the most frustrating experience with technology that turned into a Power Re-boot!! What’s a power re-boot you ask?  It is working through a challenging situation of which I don’t want to deal with. Something that I would like to go away, something that […]

When Life Throws a Curve Ball

What happened? Where did all of my bravado go? My optimism and sense of fair play? Now, I’m not one to play the blame game but gee whiz Wally there are times when I swear life just won’t play fair!#*! Using baseball as a metaphor for life is nothing new but I’d personally like to take […]

Lovin Livin And Some Springtime Fun!

Have you noticed with the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer that there is a spring in your step and a lightness in your heart!? Some days you find you have more energy and decide to take on a spring project or perhaps have made a large list of all the things you […]

Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations are easy right? We have them everyday, with friends, family, co-workers even strangers that we might meet. So what’s the big fuss about, why would anyone need courage for that? Why do I need courage to have a conversation? I have facilitated countless groups, workshops, spoken before audiences, why would I need courage […]

Avoid The Holidaze And Enjoy The Season!

  The holidays can be full of pressures, how do you find the “silver lining” “the bright side”, “the joy” when perhaps your feeling lonely, depressed or stressed? There is on top of this the “holiday tyranny” where we are encouraged or have learnt to hide actually how we are feeling “for the sake of […]