About Lovin Livin

Hi, I’m Geri Eakins founder of The Lovin Livin Centre. We at The Lovin Livin Centre are all about being real and loving life and loving living that life! That equals being fully in the game and playing authentically. To be healthy in a relationship requires honesty, being true with oneself paired with an openness to be seen and to be real. The Lovin Livin philosophy is down to earth, grounded in faith and belief in what we are here to accomplish, which is to make the world and each person in it better than before. There are no outlandish claims or quick fix promises being made here, rather a honest and direct approach to teach how to engage fully in the relationship of life, through the beauty of the good and the bad and all of the juicy bits in between.

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The Tree Of Life


When you love life faithfully, fully, without constraint and with the freedom to be who you are, nothing more and nothing less, life will love you back. When you try to fool life by holding back, being anything other then that which you are then life is confused and will return that indecisiveness to you in full.

You know what I mean jelly bean;)




Following your passion is the place to start and we at Lovin Livin are all over that. We love what we do and every day is an inspired day from that point of view. Come give us a look see and find out what Lovin Livin is all about.


You are the bird of happiness in the magic of existence – Rumi