What’s happening at the Lovin Livin Centre!

Lovin Livin is passionate about assisting you in developing as a whole, fulfilled person. Your growth is personal, but you live in a community with others who can be a part of your journey. We offer tangible ways for you to explore and develop your community connection.

These events are intended to allow you the opportunity to connect and have fun, be inspired, get rejuvenated, relax and nurture YOU!  And your community gets to benefit at the same time!

The Lovin Livin Centre also hosts other heart-minded entrepreneurs’ programs, such as laughter yoga, self care programs, meditation, yoga and various types of retreats, healthy cooking classes and other personal blossoming related programs and training.  Why consider our Community and/or Group Programs?   You will find:

  • A sense and feeling of belonging.
  • Feel the benefits of having purpose.
  • Experience fun and enjoyment.
  • New experiences that are not so intimidating.
  • Build self confidence.
  • Reward of giving back and serving others.
  • Develop skills and experience.
  • Practice new behaviours and changes in a supportive environment.
  • Take action and reach goals.
  • Change habits and patterns.
  • Be accountable to yourself and others.
  • Feel an increased sense of purpose.
  • Self satisfaction and appreciation for others
  • Yourself blossom and grow.
  • Be who you are in a nurturing environment.

If you’re curious and not really sure if this is for you, we invite you to come to one of our  “Come See for Yourself” events.  Or you’re welcome to give me a call or email if you would like to get a more personal sense of what this is about.



Midsummer Night’s Dream Workshop

Interpretation and beyond…

On SATURDAY AUG. 19 & 20th 2017 (from 11:00am-5:00pm each day) Ground your dreams into reality!

Join Ingrid for an intimate, experiential, interactive and educational workshop exploring the fascinating world of night and day dreams. Participants will engage in creative exploration through stream of consciousness writing and drawing, dream interpretation and group journeying using the tools of hypnosis, guided imagery and altered state drumming. Ingrid will expand on the science and mystery of dreaming offering an entirely new perspective on the wisdom, guidance and spiritual growth accessible and available to everyone. Un-code the guidance and power that lies within you and awaken your dreaming self.

*This group is capped at 8 participants.

“Dream Interpretations”

“Ingrid’s dream interpretations are full of amazing insight. Whether I’ve had a chaotic or happy dream that I’m pondering, Ingrid connects relationships between the spiritual and physical worlds that I hadn’t thought of in meaning. She brings a deep understanding to people and objects in my dreams. Ingrid’s interpretations make me feel refreshed and positive.”


Contact Ingrid @250-899-6369