Given Thanks A Given Thing

When something is “a given” it is an assumed thing. Definition: “an assumption that is taken for granted”.
I’m sure I’m not the only one that has taken something for granted in life, whether it’s a spouse’s attention, the concern of a parent or dear friend or even a slobbery kiss from Man’s best friend (Golden retriever-my bias;) There are certain things we come to expect in life, some things that perhaps we actually cannot even live without, as in clean water, fresh air, sunshine or a healthy body and mind.

So as is prone to happen things that come easy in life or just happen to always be there are often not valued in a way to properly reflect their true worth. Do we value these things? Of course we do. We value, love them, in some cases cannot live without them but do we always remember to give thanks for these things? Do we always remember to say two simple words: thank and you? Not always. Or perhaps we say these words as token words but do not always display them in the form of an action.


So I want to throw out a suggestion, a shift for this Thanksgiving. If you are one to say the words but don’t always know how to demonstrate them, “DO” something that backs those words up and if you are one to do something but just can’t bring yourself to say those words then “SAY” something. This Thanksgiving I urge you to step out of your comfort zone in order to give thanks. Go beyond token words and token actions and token holidays and walk the talk. Don’t live a life based on assumptions that the best things in life are for the taking or the best things in life are free. The best things in life are gifts and the only way to properly receive a gift is with a Thank You.

I will get this started…. I thank you for reading my posts and feel free to share the thanks with others.

With gratitude and joy!


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