Loving your life doesn’t mean just loving the pieces that are fun. It means bringing fun and passion into all areas of your life – and that includes work!

Geri is the perfect choice to speak or lead your next corporate or group event. Skilled at presenting to Professional and Interest Groups – Geri’s message of how she survived burnout at a young age shows people how to connect their passion into their work, hobbies or “must-do” list of things in their life.

When life is out-of-balance, everything suffers. When things are in-sync and people have concrete strategies for helping it remain that way, everything works better. Her journey to lovin and livin life is one everyone can benefit from.

Participants will feel like she is speaking directly to their heart. She brings much-needed pizzazz and fun into every event she leads.

Geri’s eclectic journey of self discovery unfurled into who she is today. Geri says, “My life’s biggest challenges have evolved into my greatest gifts.”

Contact Geri today to discuss your speaker / presenter needs . Choose some of the following popular keynotes~workshop topics or ask about designing specifically for your needs.

Burnout Versus Balance

Are you burning out trying to live a balanced life?  There is much talk about living a so-called “balanced life”.  While our lives seem to increase in complexity, demands and responsibilities, our hearts increasingly crave peace, serenity and more time to ourselves. Participants will gain insights and awareness into signs and symptoms of burnout versus balance in their lives as they self assess their present balance and gain tips to move towards living a balanced life! “Life is not a stress rehearsal so let’s start enjoying the ride”

Taming Your Gremlin

Do you know that 97% of what we worry about never happens? “Gremlin” as defined by Webster’s New World Dictionary is: “an imaginary creature with mischievous acts, which can cause us trouble.” Also known as…”inner chatterbox, monkey mind, the voice that chatters relentlessly in our minds.” Participants will not only learn to recognize their inner chatterbox, they will discover what their gremlin does to keep them in worry, stress, fear and guilt. By embracing gremlin they will discover the humorous side of their gremlin and move towards joy laughter and fun in their every day lives.

Laughter Is Wonder-Full Medicine

Laughing is truly a natural preventive medicine and stress reliever. Participants will experience the benefits of laughter and humour as they gain different perspectives and explore humour in this hilarious talk where Geri transforms into farmer “Arnie.” Arnie delivers a “horse sense”, no nonsense, tell it like it is message! Guaranteed to get participants laughing as they lighten their load and discover how laughter can truly be medicine in their daily lives.

Heart At Work

Do you ever notice how some people seem to be really enjoying their workday and seem to have a sense of play? Maybe it’s time to bring your heart to work? In today’s business environment, it is incredibly challenging to make a connection around intimacy, trust and loyalty with customers and colleagues. Participants will gain the FUNdamentals of bringing life and energy to their organization by using four easy steps to get more fun and satisfaction in their workday.

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