How To Thrive To 95!

Age is a relative thing. I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase and today there are more role models than ever to prove that phrase true. I believe I can be among those that claim that age defying act and yes age is a relative thing and in my case it literally is a relative that I have to thank for role modelling my exuberant approach to life. That relative being my mom.

My Mom as some of you close to me may know recently transitioned from this life shy of her 95th year. How to thrive to 95 would describe how she lived her life. Always meeting life head on with sparkle in her eyes and joy in her heart. Mom lived every day fully engaged exuding a magnetic spice that peppered the lives of many. Mom’s secret? Get in the game! And if there wasn’t a game being played that she could join in on she would sure as sugar be organizing another.  We would often hear her say “Lets get this show on the road” in other words… lets get this party started!  Yes she played the game of life full on!

My mother lived a full life and witnessed  how fleeting life could be first hand, serving in World War 11. Life is precious and dear and could be over in an instant. Those were times that had a huge and lasting impression on Mama and I do believe that if she were here to tell you she would admit to having made a vow to herself that as tribute to those who lost their lives she would honour hers, as a testament to the gift a life has to offer. Mama gave back and she did it well, with grace, love and joy always freely and unconditionally. This I truly believe kept her young at heart.  I recall asking her when we were celebrating her 90th birthday how it felt to be 90 and she replied ” I don’t know I never thought about being 90″ I just lived my life!   To be able to give love purely, without agenda is childlike, to be able to be a conduit for fun and laughter and playfulness is love flowing freely expressing in its truest form.  Yes Moma loved unconditionally and truly lived with her cup half full vs half empty.

That twinkle in Mom’s eyes, it never dimmed, even as her body did in its final months, she could still raise a chuckle for those nearby. Mum was the life of the party, reminding us all not to be too serious; a glum day never did the world any good. Giving gratitude was her way before it became a trendy word; Mama was a woman before her time. I often heard that mom wouldn’t come to the party, she was the party!

Queen Phyliss

In Mama’s last days she continued to role model for me. I have never witnessed such a regal approach to death. She seemed to transform in her final hours, not only in attitude, which was astonishing to witness, but also in presence that could only be described as Queen like. My mother truly defied any age in her final moments, her skin glowed and shone and she was luminous. I believe what I had seen was her spirit shining through. She was ageless, timeless and elegant. Spirit has no age, it is eternal and Mama’s spirit was bright, strong and true. Ageless beauty cannot be bought or found in a bottle, cream or jar, ageless beauty is a spirit that shines bright and warms the hearts of others. Thank you Mama, for teaching the art of how to thrive to 95. You did it beautifully! So many life lessons I got to share with you, so many gifts you have left in my heart and soul, and precious memories that live on in me.

I am forever transformed because sharing this incredible journey with you and I am forever grateful.  I will be sharing more of my gifts as I continue to move through my grief and letting go of your physical presence and connect more with your soul.  There are signs of this daily for me and teaching me to be present to receive and connect to.

Stay tuned and in the meantime live now , love lots, play hard, be you, stress less cuz this aint no dress rehearsal. The clock is ticking and we never know when our time is up!

With love and gratitude