Kind Words



It is so uplifting to hear an encouraging word!  I’d like to share with you some of the kind words I’ve received from clients.  Their recommendations may help you determine if you should give me a call to help bring the fun back.

What clients are saying…………

“I was fortunate to experience the skills and wisdom of Geri Eakins during summer 2010. Geri is a gifted and dynamic counsellor and coach. Her ability to lead and inspire groups is complemented by her infectious energy and powerful empathy. She combines seriousness with playfulness in just the right measure. Her skills and style engage clients and create a safe environment for exploration and growth even in the most painful of circumstances. I cannot recommend Geri too highly: she is a model for integrity and a well-lived, heart-centred life!  Thanks for asking, Geri — this is an honour.”

Karen Graham
Panacea Canada Inc.

“I would recommend Geri as  a coach/counsellor. She is full of fun and is very intuitive. I felt fully supported during private and group sessions. I have become much more confident in my personal life and especially my professional life. I learned that I don’t have to give up “me” in any of my roles in life: Wife, Mother, Professional. It has been a very positive experience for me and I have established a great bond with friends from the Lovin Livin Group.”

Deb P -Kelowna

“I believe that your sessions were one of  the most important factor in my healing. I learned to “let go”.  With respect and without “ridicule”.  I still read my “journal” from the sessions.  You have a warm heart and great empathy (which I relate to).”

Louise  Hans -Alberta

“At that time I decided to seek coaching I was 265 lbs, suffering from sleep apnea, the only owner of two small businesses, researching and writing a book called “Business Bliss”, my husband’s mother had recently died and so had my father and I thought my family might drive me off the deep end.  I was overwhelmed and overworked and didn’t know where to turn…then I found Geri Eakins.  I was feeling, lost, confused, alone, depressed and fearful were my daily feelings.  I was hoping to find a better life for myself where I could laugh and enjoy my surroundings rather than wishing to sleep all day.

I had grown up feeling like an unloved loser so I became an angry people pleaser.  I would go over and above to impress people which often backfired and then I would feel that I was taken advantage of.  Once people pushed me hard enough I would get angry and lose my temper.  The anger part usually occurred when I had PMS.
Geri’s confidence and attractive looks intimidated the “loser” part of me and I decided that she would probably be the best coach to help me.  She reminded me of my sister who I put on a pedestal and thought to be perfect.

My first couple of sessions were spent discussing my fears of intimidation.  Looking back is was obviously the place I needed to start.

My life has improved immensely since I met Geri and I want to continue    to move forward.  She has the amazing ability to help me find my direction when I occasionally get lost now.

I would recommend Geri as a coach and counsellor for her ability to listen and actually hear what I couldn’t say.  She helped me find my voice, my confidence and the love I now have for myself.

If I could possibly describe the difference of Geri from other coaches and counsellors I would have to say that she talks the talk and walks the walk!  Geri’s continued desire to grow and learn about herself inspires me to do the same.  Her coaching facility glows with colour and excitement and so does Geri.”

Tobi McNeil -Kelowna

“Hi Geri,  I wanted to let you know about the influence you had on my life during and after my time with you in Kelowna. “Lovin Livin” was a very foreign term to me and one I didn’t truly understand. During the group sessions I began to learn about the true meaning behind it. Being able to let myself be “silly”, have fun and in general and just “be” was soooo amazing. The honesty and openness that came from your group sessions was largely due to the respect and trust that you showed me and you made me and others feel safe enough to begin to open up. When I came into your sessions I was unsure if I could or would ever truly feel happiness, contentment or any feelings for that matter. Fear of feeling anything and then the fear that I truly felt nothing was contradictory in nature but really was controlling my mind and soul. The feelings chart that you used in sessions seemed so childish to me when I first saw it (LOL) but the honest truth was I didn’t realize how much I could and did learn from it. I thought there were only about 4 or 5 feelings and I knew I didn’t feel any of them very often at that point in my life. Numbness would be the best way to describe what I felt when I first joined your sessions. I learned from the group sessions that it was ok to feel and that categorizing feelings as good or bad wasn’t necessary. Also putting a # to the feeling really helped me identify with the fact that I didn’t have to feel good or bad or happy or sad etc.. I could have a happy # 5 day or a discontented #3. What a difference it made to my thinking around feelings. I learned too that I would survive all my feelings no matter what they may be. Since I have left the group sessions and returned to my life in Alberta I have definitely struggled. I have had many ups and downs to varying degrees but you have helped me gather the tools required to pick myself up and taught me to never give up. I am now able to realize that mistakes I make do not define me and I always strive to “love living” no matter what the circumstances are in my life. I do understand now that life is a journey and my personal path has taken me many places, physically and emotionally and I can live with that now.  Through meeting you and being a part of your group I have learned something more valuable than anything else in my life. You taught me to find the courage I needed to be honest with myself and that  life is great no matter what my circumstances may be at any moment. Life doesn’t have to be too serious. Thank you so much Geri for your kindness, sincerity, honesty but mostly for the love that you gave me!!!!  You will always be in my heart and in my prayers.”

Trevor Muir  -Alberta

” Thank you Geri for all your love, support and feedback. You have impacted my life in many ways, on so many levels.
I am forever grateful! Now I truly am Lovin Livin !”

Vince B -Kelowna




“Geri, you have a wonderful energy, a great sense of humor and I would welcome the chance to hear you speak again.”

Dyanne Retzalff
Remax of Ft Sask

“I finally have a way to help me overcome all these things that keep trying to pull me down. Thank You!”

Laura Stasivk
Remax of Lloydminster


Poem From A Client:


I sit in a sea of possibility.
What is really there for me?
Is love close by waiting patiently?
Or fulfilling dreams I just can’t see?

Where to focus, where to turn?
It’s in the journey for me to learn.
So much to learn along the way
Distractions abound, I want to play …

Focus is good, but don’t get bent
Don’t get anal or too intent.
Balance goals with work and play.
Allow yourself to get out of the way.

Let your inner child be free.
Soon more and more you will see
How healing play can really be.
It sets all inhibitions free.

More joy and smiles, more time to play.
More “having fun” along the way!
No more troubles, no more strife!
Lovin Livin, Lovin Life!

Dianna Watson