When Life Throws a Curve Ball

What happened? Where did all of my bravado go? My optimism and sense of fair play? Now, I’m not one┬áto play the blame game but gee whiz Wally there are times when I swear life just won’t play fair!#*!
Using baseball as a metaphor for life is nothing new but I’d personally like to take another crack at it. Enough with getting hit by screwballs, time to get back up, dust myself off, touch base with me and give it another swing.
It is spring after all and baseball is certainly in the air, so I thought to look to baseball to teach me some good old game of life strategies.

So here are Gigi’s spring training tips:

Game Rule #1- The game isn’t over till it’s over. Never give up, you don’t know what life has in store for you.

Game Rule #2-When life gets tough call in the heavy hitters. Ask for help, seek guidance, call in the back up players.

Game Rule #3-This is a team sport, other players can and often times WILL throw you off of your game, no matter how skilled a player you are.

Game Rule #4-Life involves a lot of hit and miss, that is how we learn, by trying our hand at the bat. Babe Ruth who held the record for the most home runs also held the record for the most strike outs.

Game Rule #5-There are always extra innings available. Don’t set unrealistic timelines for yourself, wherever you think you are going, you will arrive there eventually. Today’s game may be rained out but the sun will be out tomorrow.

Game Rule#6-Sometimes you get to walk home. As hard as one day may be there will be other days where you gain the advantage.

Game Rule #7-Stepping up to the plate to begin with takes courage, give yourself credit for being in the game!

So these are my tips and roll them all into my number one tip which sums up all is; just keep playing and have fun!

What are you doing for springtime fun?

With Joy!

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