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Lovin Livin CentreThe Lovin Livin Centre became the realization of a dream when I envisioned a unique space that was nurturing, comfortable and safe. Yet I also wanted it to be vibrant and inspiring, not unlike the feeling of “home”.  I saw it as a sanctuary where I could facilitate coaching programs, collaborate with like hearted entrepreneurs, and build community. My friend and colleague Karin Leggatt and I spent many hours collaborating and practicing “lovin livin” as we brought my vision to fruition.  Like me, this space is not your ‘normal’ or typical centre. You’ll find bright pillows matching dynamic flower pictures on the walls, comfy cushion seating and a full-sized kitchen – kind of an adult romper room. I’m so happy everyone loves it!  One woman recently shared that “it was so unique and cozy it felt like being in a tree house – up high and immersed in the trees. It’s a safe haven in the heart of the city.”  What repeatedly comes up is that people feel they have come Home and don’t want to leave. In this sanctuary, they can leave their busy lives outside the door and comfortably and easily reconnect with themselves.

The Lovin Livin Centre is a home for ….. You guessed it …. the Lovin Livin, self-  blossoming, discovery programs.  These diverse programs support flourishing and growth in mind, body and spirit, self nurturing, and self love. It’s here that participants get to share, play, connect, give and receive feedback, and practice ways to invite more joy and fun in their lives. (Click on Group Programs and Individual Programs for more details).

inspiration stonesThe Lovin Livin Centre  also hosts other heart-minded entrepreneurs’ programs, such as laughter yoga, meditation, yoga, self care, retreats, healthy cooking classes and other personal blossoming related programs.  (Click on Community Events). Stay tuned to this site to find out the many ways the Lovin Livin Centre provides support for you and our community.


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