Fun Stuff


Recent Big Joys:

Water sking after a 16 year injury sebatical

White water river rafting

Celebrating my mothers 90th Birthday with Family.

Zip Lining

Singing with a group
Seeing and feeling results in stroke improvement swimming lessons
Escorted my 89 year young mother to PEI to visit my niece and family and explore her roots.
Ten day retreat at a remote west coast fly in fishing lodge
Rhyming and being silly with a dear friend and laughing a lot
Spontaneous adventures such as bike rides by myself or with friend

More Big Joys to Come:

Travel and explore new destinations
Sky dive
Impromptu Acting and Speaking
River Rafting
Improve my computer skills
Touch more peoples lives through sharing my gifts and skills
Build a house
Live in a tropical climate
Grow my business
Live Big
Nature Retreats
More Play time
Learn new stuff
Water Ski

Ongoing Joy:

Exploring new places
Connecting with Loved Ones
Meeting new people
Going on an adventure
Hearing from dear friends
Making others laugh.
Laughing with myself, at myself.
Being in nature with my Golden Retriever and or family friends
Cuddling with my Pets and Hubby

Working with amazing clients who are committed to lovin their life
Baking something from scratch
Being silly with self or others
Seeing people smile when they meet Meesha Golden Retriever
Having a good laugh at myself or something.
Camping Adventures in 1977 Camper Van
Winning Home Coming Queen
Visiting and playing with my great nieces
The smell of fresh laundry off the clothes line
Being on or near the water.
Dark organic chocolate
Hearing someone tell me they love me
A heart to heart conversation
Exploring new places
Playing with children Big and Little
Nutritious yummy food
Going for a drive to somewhere I have never been
The satisfaction of learning something new.(especially if it is self taught)
Spontaneous Connections
Learning something on the computer and remembering how to do it next time
Quiet Time to do nothing or whatever I Feel Like in the moment.
Any kind of flowers
Noticing the Beauty of Nature
The smell of something yummy baking ~cooking
Giving someone a little gift!
Making something from “scratch”
Hanging out in our far infrared sauna
Having a shower after camping or doing dirty work or anytime.
Watching a sunset
Exercising outside and seeing the sunrise.
Leaving love notes
Little random acts of kindness
Fixing Something
Baking and eating it
Getting a Massage
Creating a funky clothing or hair look
Second Hand Shopping
Horse Back Riding
Seeing the twinkle in someone’s eyes

Past Joy…..

Ran and Completed First Marathon in Kelowna
Snorkling Hawaii
Attending Family Reunions in Prince Edward Island.
17 Caribbean cruises within a 3 year period
Jet Skiing in Bermuda
Horse back riding in the ocean in Jamaica
Hiked the Gold Rush Chilkoot pass in Yukon
Zip Line Peac land Canada
Deep Sea Fishing Cabo San Lucas
Singing Solo in Choir
Swimming with Sting Rays in Grand Cayman
Can Can Dancing
Hoola Hoop Contest Winner
Swim with Dolphins Cozumel Mexico
Zip Lining in Jamaica
Learning to Swim in the Pacific Ocean
Dog Sleddig Yukon
Winning Home Coming Queen
Wilderness River Adventure
Ice Skating on Homemade Pond
Visited Kasugai, Japan Kelowna’s Sister City
Cross Canada By Train
Working thru a challenging situation or conversation
Scuba Diving Certification in Cozumel Mexico
Visiting all of  Hawaiian Islands
Para Sailed BC Interior
Snow shoeing by Moon light Okanagan
Mastering Salmon Water skiing in Yukon
Organized and Ran Skagway Gold Rush Trail Running Relay
Lobster  Feasts Prince Edward Island
Floating down a dark cave with only  a head lamp for light in Belize
Came second in a talent contest with siblings
Hang Gliding in Mexico
Weekend in Fiji
Being a Big Sister