Living Example of Ageless Beauty and Wisdom

My mother recently turned 91 years young.  I say “young” as she is such a classic example of ageless living.  Her spirit is childlike and full of wonder, optimisim, curiosity and she has always lived life with the attitude of the cup being half full instead of half empty. What an amazing mentor she is for me!  Everywhere she goes, she exudes this larger than life energy.  People are drawn to her like a magnet because they feel her vibrant energy and her incessant love of life.  They just want to be around her, unless they’re an introvert or live life with the cup half empty.  Much like my Golden Retreiver, she will just move on to the next person who is open to receiving her love and enthusiasm for life.

Recently her heatlh took a turn for the worse and she has been suffering with pain.  She tells me she is “not ready to go” and gets very frustrated with not being able to partake in the things she enjoys.  She was told by her doctor to REST and yet this word is clearly not in her vocabulary.  After about a week, I noticed she began to surrender and get quiet.

Many days I found her laying on her bed when I popped in to visit.  One day I asked her if she felt a bit depressed and she quietly answered “Yes, I guess I am”.  It was as though her whole disposition changed as soon as she admitted what she was feeling.  Her face lit up and she spoke clearer than she had in the past couple of weeks.  In all my years of supporting people, I have never come across anyone who likes to admit they are feeling depressed.  This is not a state that people would like to feel, yet sometimes we do have low periods in our life.  Studies show time and time again that depression appears at some point or other in peoples’ lives.

Mom Playing Queen At Her Retirement Residence

The next day, when I dropped in to see my mother she was smiling, well dressed with her hair done, and she had just returned from a walk.  Was she pain free?  No, however, her spirits were lifted and she had also taken time to do her daily meditation and connecting spiritually.  Her cup was once again half full. What a great reminder that when we take care of our basic needs, such as eat, rest and exercise, we are able to be in a better position to face whatever is put in our path.

I don’t know if my mother’s optimism is genetic or if it’s because she chooses to be positive.  All I know is that I desire to live more like her.

I am full of gratitude to have my mother and Golden Retriever as wonderful mentors and teachers for me.

Two of My Favorite Mentors On Ageless Living!

I am curious, who in your life is a mentor to help you practice ageless living?

I love to hear from you!?




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  1. shelly

    VERY inspired by your stories….and reminds me of my best friends mother, Marilyn who was a great mentor to myself:)

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