About Geri

Hi! I am Geri Eakins founder of Lovin Livin programs. DSC_6309My full name is Geraldine Irma Holmes Eakins. I thought I would grow into this name however, Geri seems to stick and lately, since I have embraced Lovin Livin, I love Gigi! So when you hear, read or see Geri or Gigi, they are both me!

I have an extreme passion to help people maximize love, joy and fun in their lives. Many clients come to me knowing that something is amiss but they aren’t sure what it is. They are seeking outside gratification, not knowing that they hold the key to a life that is full of joy within themselves. I receive huge satisfaction when I support them in discovering this.

For over 30 years, I have guided people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to reach their life’s goals. It all begins with awareness and then an action plan to make it happen.  I am passionate about walking and living my talk! Funny thing is when I do,  wonderful things happen!

I, like you, am a person of many talents. In my colourful background, I have completed marathons, had careers in the banking and airline industries, I owned a fitness business and managed weight management centers, to name a few.

My Gifts:

Spark Giver – Empowering Agent – Illuminator – Life Engineer – Energy Motivator – Success Catalyst – Opportunity Creator – Communicator – Grounded- Listener. Wisdom Carriers

My Strengths:

Contagious Humour, Natural Enthusiasm, Bright Energy, Keen Interest in Life, Optimistic Hope, Absolute Commitment, Open and Loving Heart

My Values and Disclaimers:

I practice beating to my own drum.
I don’t always play by the rules or follow the book.
I empower, support, and guide. I don’t fix.
I encourage, I don’t judge or blame.
My world is not black and white; however, full of colour and some gray areas.
I believe that we always have choice, no victim consciousness.
I believe everyone can heal and grow.
I believe in Love, Peace, Freedom, Forgiveness and Happiness
I walk and live my talk. I am a continuous learner of life.

My Qualifications and Credentials:

View my professional profile on LinkedIn.

My Accomplishments:

Take a look at my Joy List

What You Can Expect Playing and Working with Me:
(Yes there will be work, but you won’t be alone)

I will be your biggest fan, always there to cheer you on!
I won’t give you answers; I will objectively help you discover answers you’re seeking.
I will nudge you, sometimes firmly, yet lovingly.
I will hold you accountable to YOU and your goals and vision.
I create and maintain a very sacred, safe place where you get to be yourself and meet you wherever you’re at without judgment.
I will be honest and hold your journey in the highest regard.
I am your supporter and guide in discovering new perspectives and awareness that is within you.
I will assist you in connecting with your Fun and Joy!

My Offerings:

Individual programs and group programs.

A little more about Geri~Gigi and how I got to lovin livin…

Who am I and why would you choose me and my services?

I was born in White Rock BC, and raised on an acreage in a beautiful community called Sunnyside, 3 miles from the Pacific Ocean and immersed in nature! I had so much freedom in my childhood, a time when no one locked doors, even though we had locks. We could ride our horse anywhere we chose; we could leave in the morning and return at dusk with no worries of returning safely. Freedom is what comes up for me as I write this. I love the feeling of freedom and love to bring that out in people’s lives as this is where the JOY and FUN is! That place inside us where we trust our inner wisdom and know we can do and be anything our heart desires. That place that is truly limitless.

My life story includes overcoming a number of personal challenges, having an abundance of growing experiences and opportunities, and reaching some pretty cool goals. A lot of these experiences required discipline.

Life skills/coaching training began at a very early age………

  • Riding my bike from grade 1 – 7 for 3 miles each way, rain or shine.
  • Daily chores ~ helping with meals.
  • Saturday was cleaning day ~ no fun till it’s done.
  • Sunday church ~ singing in the choir and solos.
  • Babysitting younger siblings.
  • Sewing, painting, hanging clothes to dry, baking, canning, gardening, weeding, feeding and caring for horses, cows, cats, pigs, dogs, mink, goats and whatever other surprise pets my dad would bring home from the Saturday auction :o)
  • Harvesting the garden and canning
  • Making homemade butter and ice cream
  • Attending Brownies, Girl Guides, Canadian Girls in Training

There was always time for Fun …….

  • Involvement in our Community, baking and giving to people in need;
  • Random acts of kindness;
  • Singing, dancing, performing skits at local community events and neighbours;
  • Building tree forts and then camping overnight;
  • Playing house.
  • Horseback riding
  • Time at the Beach
  • Making and Skating on Outdoor Rink

Growing up on acreage sparked my love of the great outdoors. My hobbies include running, walking, outdoor adventure, boating, snow shooing, and camping adventures. While indoors I enjoy yoga, meditation, personal development and acting. I started acting and singing as a child in community events. I enjoyed sharing my voice singing in a choir. My mother was a great role model in getting me started with acting and singing. As many of my friends can attest, one thing I really get a kick out of is getting out there, having fun, laughing, sharing, and making other people laugh! It is part of my soul spark and inner energy. I am a big promoter of laughing happily for the sheer emotional and physical benefits.

One of my personal challenges was to run a marathon. It was a life long goal and one of the most exhilarating moments in my life. I love to take on other challenges – as I believe “variety is the spice of life” and it encourages others to do the same. See more of my cool, fun journeys in the University of Life Joy List!

I have lived in Southern British Columbia, North in the Yukon , and east in Alberta. For the past 17 years my home base is in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Kelowna British Columbia. I love to travel to exotic places such as Hawaian Islands, Caribbean Islands, New Zealand, Fiji, Europe, Mexico, Alaska, Japan . I also love to explore my own back yard right here in Okanagan and across Canada.

I have been married to my fun and loving partner John for 20 years. Our pets are our children to us. We have been blessed over this time to have been adopted by our cat of 20 years Mitzie and our Golden Retriever Meesha, both now dearly transitioned. New to our life stage are two additions that bring joy to our home and comedy show, Doogle dog wonder and golden retriever and Sassie cat aka drama queen of hearts. They both keep us in stitches and running for our cameras. Family is very important to us, and while we don’t have children, I enjoy sharing my energy and love with children and youth as a volunteer, friend and Auntie. I have spent time mentoring as a Big Sister, Youth Mentor, and Volunteer Director at the CIBC Run for the Cure for many years.