Peonies and Personal Blossoming

I noticed my peonies were in bud last week and was concerned with all the rain and lack of sun that they might not blossom. I was humbled this morning realizing I was not trusting  mother nature and her divine perfection when I walked by and saw them in full bloom. It reminded me of this beautiful quote ” and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.~ Anis Nin

Not unlike our personal growth or what I like to call personal blossoming,  our fear creates resistance to expressing our authentic self.  When we trust the process and let go, we blossom and our true nature comes forth.  The result is love, creativity, understanding, clarity, joy, power and serenity.  We must however, be willing to be in the dark moments and take risks and be vulnerable and courageous. No matter how painful our early experiences were, our essence cannot be harmed.   Our essence is waiting for the opportunity to reveal itself.  In a very true sense, we are waiting for the opportunity to blossom into our best selves.  Our spirit is yearning to break free, to express itself fully.

Perhaps you’re  feeling it is time to blossom,  to reveal more of who you are and share the gift that you are.  It is not too late to join us in the upcoming Lovin Livin Program which begins May 30th.  Connect with me at or call me 250 470 1041



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