Engage In Play And Add Joy To Your Day!

Have you noticed your To Do list is growing and your Joy is in hiding?  This time of year can be particularly challenging when calendars start getting filled with extra activities around the Christmas season. It seems every year this starts earlier so it is up to each of us to decide what and how we want to experience this season. During this time of more focused giving, we can easily be left feeling drained, exhausted, frustrated and even physical ill if we don’t make an effort to put ourselves first.  Yes there are commitments we need to attend and many extra choices to make.  However, creating time for Joy in your day can be great medicine to add to your self love tool kit. Remember, we can’t give what we don’t have.  Reminding yourself of this may help to put yourself first and practice being what I call ” shamelessly selfish”.   This might look like making time for your basic self care needs, such as daily exercise and healthy nutritious choices.  Restful sleep can greatly add to allowing our feelings of joy to easily show up throughtout our day. Simply checking in daily on these areas of your life can help bring the balance you need during these hectic times.

Giving ourselves permission to play and have fun can be the biggest de stressor and can play a huge role in enhancing the quality of our life.  When we are in a lighthearted and playful mood, we tend not to take life so seriously and find the humour in most situations.  Our interactions become less complicated and more positive and we naturally become drawn to activities that help recharge, instead of deplete, our energy.  In search of good times, we tend to enjoy ourselves more.   People will gravitate toward us and want to join us in our merriment.

Go ahead and express your playful side as your interact with others.  Notice how this can be contagious as they too connect with the spirit of fun!

If you’re not feeling outgoing or in a playful mood, check in with yourself and ask what you might need to nurture you.  If you’re struggling for answers, check in with a trusted friend or email me.  Sometimes it just takes a little nudge to get us in the direction we desire and lighten our load.

Remember that allowing yourself to play is an essential part of self love.

Stayed tuned for more ideas and tips on how to add joy and fun to your busy days.  Not just one day,  but every day!

In Joy


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