Birds of A Feather Fly With Hearts Together!

Certain things in life come easy and my relationship, professional and personal with Geri Eakins is one of those easy effortless things.  They say things come in threes and upon my arrival to Kelowna almost two years ago I was told three times to connect with Geri Eakins and The Lovin Livin Centre. Geri and […]

A Whole New Ball Game In Kelowna

Truth is a very interesting word, it comes up frequently truth be told as we learn to honor our truth and ourselves, speak and live our truth. However, truth is an extremely subjective concept and that in itself can lead us astray from our truth and towards another’s.  So here’s a fresh approach, how about […]

Authentic Pitchers

In our western world we are inundated with marketing madness. We are constantly being pitched to, through advertising, media, religion and yikes often even by our friends. As many more people it seems are seeking alternative income sources and trying out their entrepreneurial skills, marketing seems to becoming part of our everyday culture. As a […]

Windows Of Time

As the clock ticks closer to New Year’s Eve, the air is full of suspension and collectively we all hold our breath for the count down. And as the clock strikes twelve the air is full of sound, celebration and the exhale of breath, a new year has begun… or so we think. Time is […]

Is Your LIfe Feeling Like A Circus Act?

Have you ever had that feeling that your life has become a performance, one that could easily captivate audiences as you juggle, dance and perform amazing feats of strength and agility? Many of us I’d wager pride ourselves on our multi tasking abilities, employers love us, committees covet us and let’s face it people who […]

Good Grief Charlie Brown

I am generally a very positive person and with that approach to life others may see me as perpetually happy and upbeat. Although that view of me may well be true it by no means excuses me from the human experience of sadness and grief. Grief touches us all, some more than others but living […]

What My Golden Girl Is Teaching Me About Lovin Livin!

Some of you that read my blog regularly or clients that see me one on one, know about my number one Lovin Livin role model, my fur child Meesha .  Meesha, is now twelve and half years young and is sharing so much wisdom with regards to truly Lovin Livin as she fully transitions into her […]

Living A Heart Centred Life

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be the opening keynote speaker at a Pure Power Event held at the beautiful Bottega Farm Inn and Studio in East Kelowna. It was an amazing day in all ways. I was reminded of how passionate I am of what I teach and how much I enjoy speaking. It […]

Fill Your Self Love Cup On Heart Day And Every Day!

I was honoured to speak at a Woman’s Monthly Financial  Lunch and Learn this week on ” The Power of Me”.  I believe our true Power resides within us.  Often I see people seeking power from outside of themselves as in financial success, material success.  There is nothing wrong with this, however, it sometimes can leave a sense that something […]