What My Golden Girl Is Teaching Me About Lovin Livin!

Some of you that read my blog regularly or clients that see me one on one, know about my number one Lovin Livin role model, my fur child Meesha .  Meesha, is now twelve and half years young and is sharing so much wisdom with regards to truly Lovin Livin as she fully transitions into her Golden years.  She recently was diagnosed with glaucoma and as a result went blind in one eye literally overnight. Initially I was devastated, however, with further visits to the vet and ophthalmologist realized that dogs do well with one eye as it is mostly their nose and ears that guide them.  The funny thing is that my husband and I have noticed her increased interest in sniffing the past several months and when I asked my holistic vet what this was about she smiled and said ” I think our senior dogs teach us to stop and smell the flowers”.   That is exactly what she is teaching me and what a better time to stop and take in all the beauty that surrounds us this time of year in the beautiful Okanagan.

Time OutI love how our pets seem to live in the now and go with the flow.  Meesha is so great at modeling this. She still loves to go for walks and swims and explore new places.  One of our fun things to do is to get out into nature and take in all the smells and beauty of everything around us. We rise early and head  out for our morning walks in our beautiful local parks in Kelowna.  Two of our favorite’s are Knox Mountain and Kalamoir .  We often cross paths with other nature and dog lovers or sight other critters such as raccoons, deer, coyote and yes even bears! Just being in nature is such a stress release and instantly puts me in a place of deep gratitude and increases my joy thermometer just watching Meesha get excited to sniff and check out new sights and sounds.

Meesha is also teaching me to be patient and that I don’t need to push and try and do it all right now.  She helps me to remember to take a time out for play, have a little nap, go for a dip in the lake, choose to be happy right now in this moment and do a little happy dance!  One of her favourite ways to express joy is to chase her tail and catch it then proudly roll around in the fresh grass. (oh and for those of you taking your pets into nature, remember to check for ticks as it tis the season for these sneaky pests).  When was the last time you were spontaneous and did a little happy dance? Why not take a minute and do one right now?

Another favourite is play ball, catch ball, chase a ball, and like my husband it may be chasing a little white ball, wink, wink! ”  Different strokes for different folks”,whatever makes you happy!! Just get outside!  Nothing like fresh air to lift your spirits and open your heart!  Being in nature is simply therapeutic and there have been recent studies proving that even 5 minutes in nature can increase well being!

What about digging in the dirt? I love playing in my garden and pulling weeds. Sometimes I catch Meesha behind our hedge digging like crazy.  It makes me laugh out loud just to watch her.  I get it is another way for her to release pent up energy!  What are you doing to release energy and increase your fun factor?  I increasingly notice that it is the little things that bring joy and fun to my day!

I would love to hear some of the wisdom that your pets are teaching you!? Or if you don’t have pets, who and what is inspiring you in Lovin Livin?

Stay tuned for more inspiring Lovin Livin adventures!

With Joy!

Geri and Meesha


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