A Whole New Ball Game In Kelowna

Truth is a very interesting word, it comes up frequently truth be told as we learn to honor our truth and ourselves, speak and live our truth. However, truth is an extremely subjective concept and that in itself can lead us astray from our truth and towards another’s.  So here’s a fresh approach, how about this? My truth is what’s right for me and no one else can determine that except me. I could just end this blog here because that’s the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but then I’d miss sharing the juicy bits, all the fun that has come from lovin livin this one very simple truth.

speak your truthIn sharing my truth I have learned that that includes sharing my needs and that is nothing to be ashamed of, having needs is healthy and denying them isn’t, that’s called living a lie. I have learned that I need to ask, request, share my needs and feelings and be vulnerable and still be independent, that is the learning! Here is the tricky part, when I do share, I let go and I don’t have expectations that my partner, friends, family or anyone will always meet them but I just keep being honest with ME!!

So this is a whole new ballgame for so many, one where I continuously get to go to bat for me. I get to make up my own rules in this game, rules that work for me and by trusting that when I’m having fun and playing, I’m going to attract in wonderful team players that like playing too!

Imagine that, I don’t need to figure out anyone else’s role in the game, everyone gets to hold his or her own position, truthfully, honestly, consciously and be responsible for their own well being.  Being truthful with oneself is imperative, because our unconscious slippery slope patterns can take us right into the slip and slide game, which lol can get messy! This is why we need other like hearted, healthy people in our lives to help us sometimes, see what we cannot see ourselves. The object of this new game for me is to keep my eye on the ball, follow my heart and hit a home run every time. And that folks is the truth of the matter!follow your heart

So next time you need to make a decision, remember, if it feels flowing  & fun, go for it and I guarantee you will get a home run! Simply, stop, feel and listen because your heart knows!

The Lovin Livin Team has been creating some great new games, I would love to hear from you as to what type of game you would love to attend and or participate in?

These will all be heart centered, aiming to bring to fruition, a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life with like hearted team players. Where in your life would you like to evolve? What are you being challenged with? Where do you want to step up to the plate in your life? What position do you want to play?

These games of life will be in the form of one on one coaching, group coaching, retreats and more!

Send me an email geri@lovinlivin.com and or leave your comments below.

Oh and remember to have some time in the “dug out “ to Stop, Feel, Listen!  Everything you need to know is in your heart!

I look forward to seeing you on the playing field!

With Joy and Love

Geri and the Lovin Livin Team!

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