Birds of A Feather Fly With Hearts Together!

Certain things in life come easy and my relationship, professional and personal with Geri Eakins is one of those easy effortless things.  They say things come in threes and upon my arrival to Kelowna almost two years ago I was told three times to connect with Geri Eakins and The Lovin Livin Centre. Geri and I had an immediate rapport and she welcomed me with an infectious spirit of generosity that is very rare. I said to her at that time, Geri you are a flock person. You appear to me like those wonderful birds, such as Geese, that fly so beautifully within groups. They have the ability to lead but also allow others to lead and shine and exchange positions as needed to better the team as a whole. This flock thinking is based on a non-competitive spirit that thinks in wholes rather than halves or quarters and lends to a beautiful formation that can fly the distance with grace and ease. And you know that old saying, birds of feather flock together and just by holding that attitude and natural way of being we have gathered the most wonderful grouping of team players. As a Lovin Livin team player I have been witness to that collaboration borne out of enthusiasm, passion and shared respect. I have learned a lot about the joys of working as part of a team in a very healthy way and trust me when we all shine our own light we shine brighter as a whole.

Birds of a feather Hearts TogetherAs with geese, true flock people are totally interdependent and upon landing and grounding in themselves, individuate and work equally well alone.  When we can honour our own gifts and recognize our strengths as well as acknowledging others, we bring that to the table and together weave something wonderful and unique as a result.  I see this time and time again as we welcome so many wonderful and varied event holders into our sacred space. The Lovin Livin Room has hosted the most beautiful gatherings and as a result everyone gets to benefit. And on that note, there is something very cool brewing in the Lovin Livin kitchen that is going to put this concept into practice in a very big heart-centred way.  I like to think of it as Recipie Win- Win, where we all get to play and everyone wins, fun is in the air!  Surround Yourself

Stay tuned for juicy details of whats baking in the Lovin Livin Oven.

Ingrid Nazar

Flight Co-Ordinator

Lovin Livin Team Player


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