Is Your LIfe Feeling Like A Circus Act?

Have you ever had that feeling that your life has become a performance, one that could easily captivate audiences as you juggle, dance and perform amazing feats of strength and agility? Many of us I’d wager pride ourselves on our multi tasking abilities, employers love us, committees covet us and let’s face it people who can do it all are applauded. However there is a cost and I have to ask myself just whom am I trying to impress? Yes, I shout, let’s find a life of balance but before I know it my attempt at balance begins to resemble a circus performer walking a tight rope balanced precariously over a deadly drop. My attempts at fulfilling all of my promises become the epitome of the circus contortionist and my multitasking self certainly becomes the circus juggler with too many balls in the air to & tryc - no background Juggling, the not so simple act of keeping more than two objects in the air simultaneously becomes ridiculously a daily routine. Well guess what? The circus is a world of illusion and should come with a huge disclaimer that reads “don’t try this at home!” Its time to get off that high trapeze that you may be perched on before you hurt yourself! Get back down to earth and feel it beneath your feet, because believe me before you can actually get balanced you need to get grounded. Grounding means first becoming aware of your body and then second respecting your body and realizing that it is not a high performance racecar but a living breathing organism that must move in balance and in harmony with the cycles of this earth.  That means it requires periods of rest. Or to use the circus analogy…intermission. So the next time you crack that whip on yourself ask the question, should a regal lion such as yourself really be jumping through hoops of fire?  Granted life easily gets away from us and sometimes can easily feel like someone else is running the show but in actuality it only takes one word to get it back on track….no. We always have a choice to say, show’s over, my life of lovin livin begins here. Your life is the greatest show on earth! Perhaps it is time to put on your circus conductor’s hat and start living a life you love vs  following or living someone else’s circus act .





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