Power Re-Boot

I recently wrote about having fun while getting things done……then I had the most frustrating experience with technology that turned into a Power Re-boot!! What’s a power re-boot you ask?  It is working through a challenging situation of which I don’t want to deal with. Something that I would like to go away, something that is far from feeling fun, yet it is in my face. I can either run, try to hide or choose to face it…feel the fear and do it anyway!!

Just before going to bed the other night, I noticed that my computer had a warning that the anti virus program was not working.  Well anyone that knows me, knows that one of my gifts is not being technologically savvy. My motto is to know enough to get by and do what I need to do and turn the rest over to my techie. My husband likes to figure things out with computers and can be a great support for me in this area as well. He calmly told me to shut it off and we would deal with it in the am. I thought good idea, it was not something I wanted to deal with at bedtime.

I woke up early and got on the computer. The chaos began at 6:50 am as I was looking for the anti virus license number. One hour later Hubby is leaving for work and I am on the computer waiting for help line, which I discover is in India. I got support and was told that I had to un-install my anti virus program and re-install. He logged into my computer and I was managing to breath easier now knowing that I had help. I was also feeling a bit vulnerable with someone in India going into my computer to fix all this. Then suddenly we were cut off and I was left hanging with my computer and the program half complete.  I panicked and texted Hubby with some cursin’ words and he texted back and said he was leading his morning leadership meeting and couldn’t help. After getting cut off and calling back with a different rep each time by the 4th time I was completely frustrated and frazzled. The techie obviously picked up on my energy and starting firing back at me, very impatiently and talking to me as though I knew nothing about computers. I noticed we were both talking over each other and that this was going no where. I stopped and said “it seems we are having a communication misunderstanding!” He stopped and said “yes.”stressed woman

I then said, “how might we get through this?”  He calmed down and started to re explain in a calm manner.  I relaxed and then said, “that’s much better, I thought for a moment I was talking to my husband.”  No response and then he said, “oh, thank you for the compliment. ” I said, “that was not a compliment just for the record.”  We both started laughing.

It took a total of 3 hours to get my computer challenges resolved, however, by the end of our session, we were laughing and he told me now I could teach my husband something about computers. We laughed about the whole situation and I told him I wanted to send him a funny email about computers and relationships. In the time we connected I had time to find out about his life in India. He sounded like a lovely person. He told me he gets calls all day from people who are frustrated and afraid of their computer crashing.  He loves to turn the situation around and make people’s day!!  It felt so great to have a real connection with someone who could have easily been just another robot on the other end of the phone. Something special happens when we take the time to realize that every person has a soul, a story and make a connection with their heart.

The two learnings from this experience is I that I felt so empowered after this technology marathon.  I faced this situation and worked through it and it reminded me that those situations that I want to just disappear or go away are great life lessons for me and great opportunities to re boot my power. As well, BEING PRESENT for the every day gift of connecting with another human BEING is so delicious for me. That feeling of connection that you cannot put a price on because it is priceless. That saying of “we are one” and “we are all connected” is what comes up for me. We truly are when we give ourselves permission to be in the moment and share the love.

When was the last time you had a power re-boot?  Love to hear!!

With Joy and Calm


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