Are You Enjoying The 2013 Journey ?

Here we are in a brand new year full of possibilities. We are either moving towards our visions and dreams or we are stuck in old patterns.  About this time of the New Year, the reality of the changes we desire to make start to set in and it suddenly can feel daunting, overwhelming and too much like work. At this point it is easy to simply fall back into old patterns which can feel like a favourite pair of old shoes, very comfortable yet not supporting us in the way we need and desire.

I noticed in preparing my vision and implementation plan for 2013 , I needed a dose of inspiration myself and decided to treat myself to Kelowna Woman In Business – Better Your Business Seminar at Sparkling Hills.  I purposely went on my own so I would fully experience the day in all ways as a participant. It is wonderful to go with friends or colleagues, however, how often do we go on dates with ourselves?

I knew I was in for a treat when I read the line up of local presenters. I have presented with some of these speakers and it was a delight to sit and take in all their wisdom and talent versus being on the stage myself.  I also  have been a member of Kelowna Woman In Business in the past and was amazed at how many woman I did not know. It was truly a treat in be in such an amazing venue with beautiful scenery and connect with other amazing business woman. The seminar was first class and I congratulate the Kelowna Woman In Business Directors for putting on such a incredible event. These woman all volunteer on top of there own business commitments and deserve a medal for participating in the community in this way.  I have decided to renew my membership because of this experience and I encourage any woman who desires to improve her business to do the same.

I also noticed a theme in the presenters topics. Words such as live in your heart, take action, get rid of clutter, have fun, self responsibility, be vulnerable, BE AUTHENTIC. ( wikipedia: Authenticity refers to the truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions. ) Wow there is a lot tied up in that one word and yet I was so excited to hear the presenters speak of these areas.  I focus on  all of these areas with my clients and my own life yet the big question I hear is HOW?  Where is the instruction manual on how to?  How do we take years of conditioning and other peoples beliefs and rules and decide what works for us? It sounds so simple, until we start to make change.

This is exactly why I created the Lovin Livin Program(s),a place where you get to show up just as you are and be authentic in whatever is going on for you. Discover what you want to change in your life and most importantly take action. For me this is the juiciest part of coaching and facilitating as the action piece is is the catalyst for making the changes.

If you have already got into your groove for 2013 and feeling fabulous, terrific, no need to read further. If, however, your desiring to blast away the January Bla’s and your not escaping on a hot holiday, perhaps its time to seek out support either in a group or some one on one to get your inspiration re charged and re focused.

I will be launching my programs for the year soon and in the meantime, I am sharing a tool that I use every year for myself and clients to help get clarity for my wants.  It helps me to get juiced about what I really desire and drop the shud’s. No shudding on yourself!

Put aside a half hour just to ponder the questions and see what comes up for you! Feel free to share this with others.

Things I  Want To See Happen This Year ?

Things I would like to see happen this year ? 

 *   Attributes I would like to gain? 

Things I would like to get and do? 

*    Changes I would like to occur? 

*     Places I would like to see?  

*Wishes, Dreams, Hopes?

Whats important to me? 

Ready to let go?

In Joy!









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