Summertime and Lovin Livin is Easy in the Okangan!

This summer I have intentionally taken time off  from blogging, twittering, facebooking and detaching from most forms of technology.  I call it a sebatical from social media.  It was time to unplug and practice what I teach.  Taking time to rejuvenate my heart and soul has been my summer goal.  What a perfect season to do this!  Anyone who lives in the Okanagan knows it can be challenging to do business or work during the summer as there are so many wonderful ways to have fun in the sun!

I knew in my heart I needed a rest and my physical body was beginning to speak loudly in its own way to let me know.   At first I really struggled with choosing to make this decision and got into the fear of the “what if’s”.  It was a scary thought.  How could I keep the flow going in my business, serve my clients, run my programs  and projects and  take time off?  After  some soul searching, it became the obvious choice! Taking time for ME was exactly what my heart and soul were asking for! Once I realized this and gave myself permission, I decided  I could have it all.  I could take time off from running my programs, continue to be available for my present clients, not take on new clients for this time period and take a sebatical from social media. I decided to do this for one month and re-evaluate after that. Once I made this decision, it opened doors for a much needed rest and relaxation which has led to such rejuvenation.  Lately I have noticed a refreshed creativity flowing and greater zest for life in general.  I now have a lot of fresh new ideas and visions which I will be sharing and implementing in the months to come.  I re-discovered that small changes can create BIG shifts in our lives.  And that one month…. it turned into 3 and a half months! Woo hoo for me!

The best part is I delegated my senior golden retriever to be my teacher for the summer.  She is teaching me how to take naps, have a minimum of one swim a day in the lake, take short & long walks in mother nature, and take more naps.  Oh and eating yummy Okanagan fruits and lots of watermelon!  Some other playful things we have enjoyed are going to one of our beautiful parks (dog friendly of course ;o) and having a picnic, perhaps reading a good book, going top down in the convertible, iced coffees, rolling around on the grass, or watching the sun rise or set.   My favourite of all is being on the water boating, floating, and swimming! Each and every day there is so much to be grateful for just by being in nature and enjoying our beautiful surroundings.

Just this week we noticed the days getting shorter and the nights a little cooler, so as I plan for the Fall, there is still time to be in the present with my summer fun list.  I can tell it has been a fun summer as there are just a few left on my list, such as Kelowna Parks Alive Outdoor Concerts and doing some more wilderness glamping .

I would love to hear how you have been Lovin Livin in the Okanagan this summer?

See you at the beach or whatever serendipitous experience aligns us!

In Joy!

Geri & Meesha

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