Bring Back The Meaning To Your Holiday Season & Add More Joy!

Sometime between Hallowe’en and Remembrance Day, there seems to be this energy that starts to form, building slowly day by day, week by week.  Have you noticed that?  It comes in shades of red and green around the edges, spotting everything in our environment from our homes, offices and stores we frequent.  As it gains momentum, it seems to create an irresistable magnetic force that can draw us in if we let it.  Do you find yourself getting lured into that space of needing to decorate more, shop more, spend more, eat more rich foods, spend more money, buy more gifts, drink more, party more??? Is that what your schedule is looking  like over the next few weeks?  Perhaps you had previously committed to doing things differently this year instead of feeding the frenzy and feeling stressed, dashing from overcrowded store to overcrowded store with eyes glazed over, clutching your obligation lists?  There’s no need to continue feeling stressed or obligated because NOW is a perfect time to make some different choices and shift into a more joyful, peaceful place.

It takes awareness, intention and courage to step out of that tornado that we can get drawn into from habits of Christmas past.  Just because you decide to do things differently, doesn’t mean it will be easy or automatic.  I invite you today to set aside your lists, your schedules and priorities and look at these next few weeks from a different perspective.  What is Christmas really about for you ?  For some it is really clear, for others it can be confusing, stressful and even lonely.  I think we could all agree on one thing. It’s about being in our hearts and giving from that place, right?  So how else could this be accomplished with those who are near and dear to us?

Imagine instead of spending hours and money on gift buying and taking that time to be with those you care about.  I mean REALLY be with them.  Put down your Iphones, your Ipads, turn off your TVs and your computers.  Plan some quality interactive joyous events with your family and friends.  Choose events that bring Happiness, Laughter and Love and allow for those natural human interactions like eye contact, hugs and smiles to flow.  We can easily forget about the precious value of sharing uninterrupted personal time with our beloved ones while in the whirlwind of this holiday season.  There is great healing and bonding in laughing together, exercising together, eating healthy meals together.   Imagine if you and your family spent valued time at a seniors home visiting those who are alone, or in a hospital where Joy is harder to find.  Gifts from the heart only take intention, openness and imagination.  These type of gifts have a way of coming back to us in many wonderful ways.

Instead of a wrapped item, your gifts can be written in a card that offer your precious time to be with (or for) ones you care about.  It can provide a service for someone who can’t do something or doesn’t have the time.  It can be offering help to a friend who has too many family obligations and no time for self.  When you check in from your heart centre, I’m confident you will find many creative alternatives to gift giving.  I’d love to hear your ideas. The end result will be more time and energy for yourself, less stress and more green in your bank account.  It also feels really yummy to give from the heart and see the reaction of the recipients. I’m not suggesting you stop all gift buying, as there’s nothing wrong with that form of giving.  But implementing a bit of something else in another way can add much value to the focus of this season.  Giving with the true meaning of Christmas can fill our hearts with much Joy, Love and Peace.

So give yourself the gift of Joy and Love and pass it along to others.  When you make room in your heart and in your day, you’ll find that Joy becomes a magnet for more Joy.

I would love to hear how you bring more  Joy into your Holiday Season this year. Take a minute to share right here so others can get ideas of how they can also bring more Joy and  meaning to their Christmas.


With Love and Joy


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